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Community Development Partner

The Economic Development and Planning Department's Community Development Partner Highlight e-newsletter series highlights the current activities and portfolio of work completed by a valued community partner with Franklin County. Community Partners strive for an approach of progressiveness and innovation when bringing their products to life. Their work is reflected in how we see our communities.

These reports offer insight into the relationship between Franklin County and their partners, who together aim to achieve their strategic goals of community security, early childhood & family learning, environmental quality & preservation, health care access & affordability, and jobs & economic development.

Youth Workforce Initiative

The Economic Development and Planning Department's Youth Workforce Initiative e-newsletter series highlights the activities of the federally funded programs whose main focus is youth workforce development. Running in conjunction with the academic calendar year, these reports serve as progress reports to the community, showcasing some of the students and their accomplishments throughout the school year. Photo heavy, the publication aims to express the fun that can be had while youth aspire to reach their goals of being college and career ready, financially literate, globally aware, engaged with their families, future entrepreneurs, and more!

Food Security Initiative

The Economic Development and Planning Department's Food Security Initiative e-newsletter series highlights all things food currently being funded or assisted through Franklin County. Focusing on the three pillars of food security - environmental health, social equity & human health, and economic vitality, the Food Security Initiative is challenged with the logistics of food production, food consumption, food processing, food distribution and marketing. These reports will offer insight to what Franklin County and their Food Security service providers have contributed recently to ensure a community consistently striving for a green approach to health and nutrition.