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Smart Growth Zoning Overlay

This project began in June 2010 and concluded in August 2011.

Franklin County planners, along with a wide range of stakeholders, amended the Franklin County Zoning Resolution to improve development regulations in designated "Smart Growth" corridors. The improvements will facilitate economic growth and community improvement along commercial corridors.

The proposed improvements to the Zoning Resolution were recommended by the Blendon Community Plan, Clinton-Mifflin Land Use Plan, Pleasant Township Comprehensive Plan, Southwest Area Plan and Westland Area Interim Development Framework.

Affected areas

The proposed amendment seeks to modify development regulations along several main roads in Blendon, Clinton, Franklin, Mifflin and Pleasant Townships. Click below for maps and of the affected areas:

Blendon Township

Clinton and Mifflin Townships

Franklin Township

Pleasant Township

Planning process

In assembling the above-mentioned land use plans, hundreds of stakeholders participated in the planning process. The Smart Growth Zoning Overlay represents the consensus we achieved during numerous public workshops, meetings and stakeholder interviews.

Public workshops

We held a workshop for properties in Blendon, Clinton and Mifflin Townships on March 8, 2011 and a workshop for properties in Franklin and Pleasant Townships on March 23, 2011.

The Franklin County Board of Commissioners gave final approval to the Smart Growth Zoning Overlay on August 9, 2011.

Final Regulation

The regulation is effective September 8, 2011. The official version is part of the Franklin County Zoning Resolution. For convenience, a copy of the regulation appears below.

Smart Growth Overlay

We've also prepared a one-page summary of the regulation.


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Marilyn Brown
Kevin L. Boyce