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Blendon Community Plan

This project took place between April 2009 and May 2010.

Community residents, township officials and Franklin County planners have developed a land use plan for unincorporated Blendon Township.

Planning area boundaries

Unincorporated Blendon Township, including the communities of Cleveland Heights, Huber Ridge and Sunbury Woods.

Final approval

A series of public meetings was held throughout the planning process. The Franklin County Board of Commissioners approved the Blendon Community Plan on May 11, 2010.

The commissioners' final action followed approvals by the Blendon Township Board of Trustees, the Franklin County Planning Commission and Franklin County Rural Zoning Commission.

Planning process

We documented our progress through the year-long planning process. See how the plan took shape by viewing the Planning process documents

Plan documents

The plan is composed of five sections, containing a summary, maps and prioritized recommendations. Use the links below to download portions of the Blendon Community Plan or the entire document in PDF format.

Plan Summary


1. Introduction

2. Map Center

3. Current Conditions

4. Recommendations

5. Implementation

Complete Blendon Community Plan - 26MB

Results Report

Since the Blendon Community Plan's adoption in May 2010, we have been hard at work implementing the plan's recommendations.

The Results Reports document our accomplishments during the one year period since the plan's adoption.

Results Report

John O'Grady President
Marilyn Brown
Kevin L. Boyce