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Beekeeping Zoning Regulation

Franklin County planners and a range of stakeholders are drafting an amendment to the Franklin County Zoning Resolutions to establish regulations for beekeeping on lots smaller than 1 acre.

Currently, beekeeping is not allowed on lots smaller than 1 acre. This proposed amendment establishes reasonable regulations to avoid problems that may be otherwise associated with beekeeping in populated areas.

Importance of honey bees

Honey bees are a critical part of our food supply. Here are a few ways bees benefit humans:

  • Food: Honey bees pollinate fruits and vegetables, both on large farms and in backyard gardens
  • Products: Produce honey, beeswax and other useful products
  • Gentleness: Honey bees are gentle. They leave humans alone
  • Jobs: Honey bees support agriculture, Ohio's #1 industry, contributing over $79 billion to our state's economy

Beekeeping stakeholders

In drafting this regulation, we're working with a range of beekeeping stakeholders, including:

Final approval

We assembled a regulation based on industry-recognized best practices for beekeeping. The regulation was presented at three public hearings in September and October, 2009.

The regulation was approved by the Franklin County Board of Commissioners on October 13, 2009.

Beekeeping Regulation

This regulation is now part of the Franklin County Zoning Resolution.

Beekeeping regulation updated 8/27/09

John O'Grady President
Marilyn Brown
Kevin L. Boyce