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Subdivision Regulations

Franklin County Subdivision Regulations (effective 3/27/2012)
Franklin County Stormwater Drainage Manual (effective 3/13/2012)

Forms and Applications

About Land Divisions

When a property owner wishes to create a lot of record, he or she must formally apply for a land division with the Franklin County Economic Development & Planning Department.

There are three types of land divisions: lot split, large lot development and major subdivision. Land divisions brochure

  • Lot splits: Dividing a parcel to create up to 4 new lots from the parent parcel. Each lot must be less than 5 acres.

  • Large Lot Development: Dividing a parcel of land into lots of 5-20 acres. Each lot must be along an existing street and require no common easements.

  • Major Subdivision: Dividing a parcel into 5 or more new lots, or does not meet the specific criteria of a lot split or large lot development. A Major Subdivision requires a detailed and specific review process.

    For complete rules regarding land divisions, please see the Subdivision Regulations

Helpful suggestions when preparing to apply

Having the following information will help facilitate your lot split application process:

  • Name, address and phone number of current property owner
  • Written authorization of current property owner(s)
  • Current zoning of the property and the township in which it is located
  • Sketch plan illustrating the dimensions of the original parcel and each new lot to be created. Although an engineering plan is not required, the plan should be drawn as accurately as possible to an appropriate scale and include the following:
  • North arrow and map scale
  • Names and locations of abutting streets
  • Current property address
  • Location of existing structures (house, shed, garage, etc.)
  • Location of sewage disposal systems and well
  • For lot line adjustments, also show wells and sewage disposal systems on adjacent properties
  • Documentation of other issues that MAY be relevant. These may include: lot grading and drainage plan; soil borings, test pits or percolation tests; deed wording addressing development issues or requirements; additional highway easements; provisions to build on sites to protect public health, safety and welfare.

If you are unable to provide this information, you may need to do a little research. The following is a list of agencies you can contact for assistance in gathering the above information:

Franklin County Public Health
280 E. Broad Street 2nd Floor
Columbus, OH 43125
(614) 525-3160

Franklin Soil & Water Conservation District
1328 Dublin Road Suite 101

Columbus, OH 43215

Franklin County Engineer’s Office
970 Dublin Road
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 525-7469

Floodplain Information

Each municipality has its own floodplain maps and documentation. Please contact them directly for floodplain determinations and regulations.

Franklin County Economic Development & Planning is the National Flood Insurance Program Administrator for unincorporated Franklin County: 614-525-3094. For Columbus, call 614-645-5991.

Fee schedule

How can I get additional information?

You can get more information about the process by contacting Development Department at (614) 525-3094

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Marilyn Brown
Kevin L. Boyce