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About annexation

Generally speaking, annexations add property to a municipality.

Types of annexation

There are five types of annexations. Each type has specific conditions that must be met before, during and after filing. The most popular type is Expedited Type 2.

Annexation forms

Each type of annexation requires a specific form. Please visit the Forms and Applications section of our website.

Expedited Type 2 annexations

This is the most common type of annexation. To annex using this procedure, your application has to meet certain requirements. We prepared this document to help you

How to annex under the Expedited Type 2 procedure

Help with annexation

Annexation law requires numerous filings, deadlines and specific criteria. All legal requirements can be found in the Ohio Revised Code, Section 709. Most annexation applications are filed by attorneys.

Annexations require applicants to meet specific technical requirements and tight deadlines. While our office can provide general information on annexations, the best way to preserve your investment in your property is to contact an attorney.

Recently approved annexations

Approved annexation petitions are now available on our website. The petitions include the resolution adopted by the Board of Commissioners.

Recently approved annexations

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Marilyn Brown
Kevin L. Boyce