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About Community Development

The Franklin County Community Development section of the Department of Economic Development & Planning is responsible for providing funding and technical assistance to support community development activities and initiatives in Franklin County outside the auspices of the City of Columbus. The goals of those efforts are to support the development of viable communities by providing decent, affordable housing, and suitable living environments, as well as expanding economic opportunities, principally for persons of low and moderate income.
In conjunction with those goals, the Community Development section is the County’s administrative authority of three HUD entitlement grants: the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), the HOME Investment Partnership allocation and the Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) which principally funds the sections programming.

  • The CDBG grant fund is used to fund a variety of programs and projects that benefit low- and moderate-income County residents. These projects range from infrastructure improvements and economic development loans and grants, to homeowner rehabilitation programs, public services and fair housing initiatives.
  • The HOME program funds are used to provide loans and grants to homeowners, to owners of rental property and to nonprofit community housing development organizations for acquisition, rehabilitation and the construction of affordable housing units.
  • The ESG Grant is awarded to the Community Shelter Board who allocates the money to various homeless shelters to support their operations.
John O'Grady President
Marilyn Brown
Kevin L. Boyce